We Are

#1 internet service provider in Iroquois Falls

Right now our service is sold out "AGAIN".
We aren't like the other competing services. We only sell what we can deliver. Unhappy customers are simply not part of the business plan!

We guarantee high-quality internet services with 24/7 network monitoring.
Our clients are part of a family, and we treat them as such.
If you are lucky enough to get onto the LLnet Lake Land Network, you are a VIP.
We take great pride in what we sell, and we use it ourselves. If you have a problem so do we! But problems are extremely rare. During the last 4 years in Iroquois Falls our network has had 10 hours of downtime. 6 or those hours were due to extreme circumtances which can never happen again. The other 4 were out of our control.
Our quality of service is always more important than our revenue!

Without doubt our main business is high speed internet in Iroquois Falls. We do that job properly!
However you might not know that we do most other IT properly as-well!

  • End-to-end solutions - Fully integrated, modern commercial networks. We do everything. Wires, switches, cameras, wifi. Right down to user devices, routing, and security.
  • Many years ago our founder started a career with Compaq, Hewit Packard, and Minolta. Over the last 22 years as computer network systems engineer, he has also worked with all the top computer system providers. He knows what works, and has had plenty of expirience learning what doesn't.
  • Full project management - If you need a consultant to enshure your data network is built out properly, future proofed, and as cost effective as possible, we are YOUR asset.

This company stands by two philosophies.
#1. Under promise, and over deliver!
#2. Do the job right the first time, because you don't make money doing warranty work!
We strive to provide systems of the "Set it and forget it" Mentality. In other words...
Most IT providers want to be back and forth maintaning your systems for $150/hr. At Lake Land we would rather be fishing!

Internet In Iroquois Falls
Simply the best consumer High Speed Internet Service in town.
24/7/365 Network Monitoring
Unhappy clients don't pay their bills, and that doesn't pay our bills. We run a very tight ship. Our backend network is modern, world class, fully automated, and stable!
95% of our clients won't benefit or need a static public IP address, but for those who do, we got your back.
We are so confident in our system, and ability to provide the service you pay for, that we not only offer a 90 day money back garantee, but we almost always do free repairs. That is if you need one, which is unlikely.
We specialise in home, and commercial digital camera systems, as-well as perfect WiFi. Home, School, Hotel, Hospital... We can do it all right the first time!
Our company is one of few that can provide a top tier end to end computer system, and network solution in Northern Ontario. Our fuly integrated solutions benefit from the advantages of one hardware, software, and service provider for your end to end solution. What that means for you is COST SAVINGS, SIMPLICITY, AND A ROBUST NETWORK, with minimal support.